Pros and cons of DIY house painting

Painting a house is a large project which requires some planning, time and of course – money. Many people decide to do it themselves, while the others do not even think about it and decide to hire a professional house painter. If you are thinking about painting the house yourself, you may have second thoughts about it. In this article, we will give you some reasons for and against it, which will hopefully help you make the decision.
BG-9---Kopie1. If you decide to do the painting job yourself, it is usually much less expensive than hiring a professional. You should pay for the material and the tools, but you do not pay for the labor. This is a good option if you have a smaller painting project in mind. But for something larger or more demanding, it may be more cost-effective to hire a professional who will do it without mistakes.
2. Although painting your home is demanding, it can be really fun. You can ask your friends and family to help you, which can turn in quite an amusing activity to do together.
3. Doing the paint job yourself provides you with complete control over the choice of colors and patterns. flower-wall-mural-curtain-window-wood-cupboard-750x422You can also implement your creativity and paint the walls in the most unusual ways. If you are an artist, you can go even further and create a mural or graffiti art on your wall.
1. Many aspects of house painting are demanding and require certain skills. You can paint the whole house yourself, that is true. home_home_painting (1)But if you need the colors to fit the rest of the interior and be suitable for the light conditions in every room, you may want to hire a professional. Also, painting ceilings, wooden surfaces and the like is more suitable for a trained contractor.
2. While doing the paint job yourself can be cheaper because you do not pay for the labor, the cost of material and tools can be quite high. This is especially the case if you have a large painting project in mind, together with preparation, protection and cleanup. Professional house painters use their own tools and they take care of protection and cleanup.

Also, hiring a contractor guarantees you will get the result you wanted. This means you do not have to pay the contractor after you have already tried to paint the house yourself and ended up with unsatisfying result.
3. Although it can be fun, painting the house is also potentially dangerous. Falling down the ladder or inhaling harmful fumes are only some of the scenarios you can experience. Professionals are trained to work in potentially dangerous conditions, which is why you should consider hiring one.
painter-house-painting-contractor-twin-falls-idaho4. Lastly, DIY paint job is rather time-consuming. When you try to fit it in with all the other daily tasks, you may end up with doing it for days or weeks. Hiring a contractor can save you from spending your time on painting. Since they will do it much faster, your home will also be suitable for living much sooner than it would if you did the paint job yourself.

Home Painting Tips

Redecorating your home is never easy. There are plans to be made, where you should put the sofa, where will closet go and more importantly what color will your walls be. Painting your house is the fists step if you want to make it look fresh again. You will also get rid of mold, and make it healthier for a living. Painting on wallTo start with home painting you should first cover the basics before going for advanced techniques of applying layers of paint. We made a list of things you should know before starting, that will make it easier for you.

Choosing the color.

Your living room should be the room where family members spend most of their time together. Knowing this, you should pick only the most pleasant colors. Green, yellow, blue or even shades of red and orange all have their effects on the mood.our_process_01Green color provides a feeling of balance and harmony to everyone in that room. Blue is often mentioned as calming color, so varieties of blue are the tones you can use for the living room.After you picket the right color for the room, you can continue with applying the paint.


In order make everything clean, cover the floors with old newspapers or nylon to avoid splashing color and ruining your rug. Connect the pieces and layers with duct tape to ensure the safety of your rug or floor. Before applying paint to walls, you should also use duct tape on corners and along the edge of a wall. 006This way you will create a fine line, and you can use paint rollers with ease without worrying about crossing the line. Wait for the paint to dry before applying another layer. Not every color reacts the same on some surfaces. To ensure that you got the right tone wait and see the color after every layer dries off.


how-to-paint-a-room-prep-workYou can make different shapes and make the room look more interesting if you use this simple technique. The idea is to make a spiral shape from duct tape or anything that you can stick to a surface. After applying the paint remove the duct tape to create stunning visual effects on the wall or ceiling. Get the right tools to do the job. Remember that you will do this every year so don’t go cheap on the rollers and brushes. Working with the right tools will shorten the time needed for the job and make it easier for you to do it.

Don’t do it all by yourself, rather call friends that are willing to help, and expect them to call you when they decide to do redecoration of their home. It will be fun and much easier to do it if you have some helping hands. If no one can help you with home painting, you can always pay for help.

Get some workers from construction and home decorating companies and let the professionals do their job. This is always the best solution if you are short of friends.
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